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What's New?

Multiprocessing Firefox compatibility

The add-on will be updated soon.

Currently, the add-on is not compatible with multiprocessing Firefox. Starting with version this is explicitly stated in the Add-On code, so all the functions are still operating at the expense of Firefox's multiprocessing capability.

version 2.1

Longer text translation

Now, you can translate much longer selected texts! Exactly, the previous limit of 1100 characters has been increased to 38000 characters. This is the length of the text that could be translated without problems during testing, and I hope it will be more than enough.

Support changes

Added support up to Firefox 8.0a1.

Other changes

- "Google Translator..." item has been removed from Tools menu based on a suggestion made by the reviewer of the code.
User language detection

Now, on first install, the add-on will detect your language, and if it's possible, it will be your default target language of translations. If it isn't possible to set this, then English will be this default target language.

How does it work? The add-on reads the first value from Tools menu > Options > Content panel > Languages section. To view, which language is that, click "Choose...". Then, the add-on decides, whether this language is supported by Google or not, then does the thing.

New localizations (interface languages)

Now, we added 8 new localizations for you. These are Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, French, Japanese, Polish, Portuguse (Brazilian) and Serbian.

Do you want to add your own language? You can provide your translation on BabelZilla Community Page, after registration.